Give Your Brain A Workout

A famous psychologist said that if you use your brain it starts to grow and it really grows. You can take the example of our brain as the trees and their branches that grow in any park. When we put some effort the trees starts developing its new connections its branches similarly, when we put some effort into our brain so, our brain starts to grow.

At whatever age we are, our brain is learning in all the ages, if you think only children learn and brain develops only in younger age so you are wrong because our brain grows at every age.

The people we meet in our daily life, the things we see and the thinking we have changes our brain and develops our brain at any age. There are many games and activities that you can do to make your brain sharp like the word puzzle and scramble these types of games make your brain strong and sharp. There was a survey in which they checked that how brain workout actually works.

They took almost 10 students from 5 students were made to do any brain activity before attending the class and 5 of them did not do any activity if brain and the result showed that the students who did a brain activity were more attentive as compared to other students and the test result of those students was also better than the students who did not do any brain workout.

Nootropics supplements are also available in the market for boosting your brain power. There are few tips through which you can do work out of your brain. These are:

  1. Daily try to play at least one game of puzzles.
    2. Keep yourself physically fit and exercise daily because your physical fitness is very important for your brain health.Whenyou do exercise daily your brain develops new connections.
    3. Socialize with the people because keeping yourself social makes your mind more active and sharp.
    4. Try to learn some new things daily because when you learn new things your brain cells become more active and it is a good way to work out with your brain.
    5. Try to stay away from stress and things that cause you stress because it can break your neuron transmitters in the brain to function well.
    6. Eat vegetables and fruit daily because intake of fresh vegetable and fruit makes your active.GIVE YOUR CALCULATOR A BREAK:

    Modern devices have taken over the work of our brain. If take the example of calculator that before the invention of calculator we were used to doing all the calculations in mind but after its invention we do not put effort to calculate in brain and we suddenly pick up the calculator for any kind of calculation and this makes our brain weak because if we do not put any effort to think then how our thinking ability will increase.


    If you know anyone who has learned any new language then ask the person how it to learn a new language because he or she will reply that it takes a lot of brain work to learn any new language. When you start to learn any new language then firstly you learn about the word that language contains then you try to make sentences and lastly you try to correct the grammar of your sentences and it gives your brain a good workout and enlarges your hippo campus which helps you remember things for a longer period.


Chess is one the best mind game that challenges your brain and your brain works actively during the game of chess because in chess you think about the future move and you are continuously observing the opponent’s moves so it makes your brain more attentive. Similarly, if you play puzzle game and you try to solve logical puzzles so it helps your brain remember things and your memory increases and it is a good workout for your brain.


Reading is also a good habit to make your brain active and sharp and reading mystery novels make your brain more challenging in finding new mysteries. Try using Noocube supplement for increasing your brain health and its memory because two supplements of Noocube work almost 10 hours and you can remember the work you did in the whole day. Similarly, brain workout is very important if want your memory to be good and your brain to be sharp enough to do any difficult or challenging task. When you start to do anything at first it is difficult but then it starts to give you so many benefits similarly exercises of the brain will help you in your future and you will not have the issue of memory loss in your older age.

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