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If you use Air Conditioning (AC) at home, then you will often experience some problems with your AC. One of the problems that often occurs is that the air conditioner cannot release cold air. This often occurs in some people cheap aircon servicing in singapore. If this happens to you, then you can use the services of the aircon service singapore. We can help deal with the problem.

Actually, there are several reasons why your air conditioner can't get cold air out. This cause usually comes from habits that you often do. This is your daily habit that can cause your AC to not release cold air.

Incorrect thermostat settings
Errors in setting the AC temperature can interfere with your comfort while working or just relaxing in the room. For example, the temperature of your room is 23 degrees Celsius but you set the AC temperature to 26 degrees Celsius. This is clearly wrong because the air conditioner emits a temperature higher than the temperature of your room.

You open the door and window
When you turn on the AC, have you made sure that the doors and windows of the room are tightly closed? If not, maybe this is the cause of the air conditioner is not cold. Doors and windows that open slightly can affect the room temperature so that it doesn't feel as cold as usual.

You use an AC size that is not suitable
It could be the cause of the air conditioner not being cold is the selection of inappropriate size. Air conditioners that are too small obviously cannot provide a burst of cold air in a large room. If the cause of the AC is not cold this happens, it's good if you replace it with a larger air conditioner. So, you must know the size of your room before you use AC.