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An AC unit is supported by several component parts that have different functions in each part. However, you will find that your AC system needs to be repaired. For this reason, you need aircon servicing. In general, AC has many components local service.

The compressor is one component of the AC. Like the heart that pumps blood to all tissues in the human body, the compressor functions to suck and suppress refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, the AC compressor becomes one of the main components in the air conditioning unit. Furthermore, the compressor will compress the vapor so that the temperature and pressure are higher. The function of the compressor here will also maintain the difference in pressure and temperature in the system. The compressor also flows refrigerant throughout the cooling system. Where the system works is to change the pressure, from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side. In principle, the higher the temperature, the higher the pressure needed.

Is the condenser familiar to you? The condenser is a component that functions as a heat exchanger. This tool will also reduce the temperature of the refrigerant and change the form of refrigerant from the gas to liquid. The air becomes a cooling medium used by the condenser. Where the system works is the heat in the refrigerant will be released into the air with the help of a fan. The condenser is in an outdoor air conditioning unit because the system works is removing heat. Condenser shaped pipe network that functions condensation. Because the refrigerant pumped from the compressor and flows into the condenser pipe will experience condensation. After the refrigerant turns into a liquid because the condensation is then the liquid will flow to the evaporator pipe.

Freon is an important supporting component of an air conditioning unit. In the absence of freon components, the air conditioner or air conditioner does not produce cold air. Given the meaning of freon or often also referred to as refrigerant is an air conditioning component in the form of gas or chemical compounds. Its function as a fluid that conditions the air temperature released by the air conditioner. Freon also has properties that are odorless and colorless.