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A business certainly must last long. Unfortunately, there are several businesses that cannot last long for several reasons read this. One of the most basic reasons is bad customer service. Poor customer service can be a big influence on a business. A good business is a business that has good customer service. The number owned by customer service must be easy to contact. You can use cheap 1300 numbers so that customers can contact you easily.

Besides customer service, there are several reasons that can make your business last long.

Listen to what customer complaints and needs are
Lasting longer means that you will have a long relationship with customers. Whatever they say, both complaints, criticisms, suggestions or praise listen. Make complaints and suggestions as evaluation materials and materials to develop what you have today. You could say customers are one of your top priorities so they can last longer. And make sure you really listen to customers.

Including customers in many ways
If you believe that the life of your business comes mostly from customers, then don't hesitate to include them in any business or way you do business. It could be by building a community that accommodates customers or holds seminars/events that invite customers to come. That way you will continue to be remembered and sought.

Maintain good relationships with customers
One effort to maintain good relationships is by giving a surprise to your customers. You can also give them special services that will make them remember you. Serve your best service for every customer who searches and uses your product. When an error occurs don't be ashamed to acknowledge and apologize, as well as a thank you that you must always express.

Some of the things above are things you can do with customers. Good business is a business that engages customers in the business.