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Praying must be done by everyone. Unfortunately, many people pray only when they need something miracle healing prayers. In fact, prayer must be done at any time because prayer can save you from various problems. God always hears your prayers. Many people believe in miracle healing prayer. Prayer can cure many people. Prayer can help all the problems faced by many people.

Unfortunately, many people who are lazy to pray and they consider prayer is a boring activity. In fact, praying can help you with various problems. There are a number of steps you must take to avoid being lazy in worshiping and praying.

1. Don't consider worship as a guide, worship is a necessity
Many people are mistaken by regard to worship as a demand that must be fulfilled. Indeed, this is true, but it means more broadly. If you do something demanding, you tend to be lazy. Unlike the case when we make worship as a necessity. For whose name you need, surely you will work on this until it is truly well implemented.

2. Gather with people who like to pray
You need to gather with people who are thinking about you. If your neighborhood friends are actively worshiping, you will surely be carried away by the good effects. Doing worship together will also feel lighter because you don't feel alone.

3. You must have a great intention to pray
Many people don't want to pray because they don't have full intentions. Intention to be the main key so you can pray well. You must be able to have sincere intentions so you can pray well too.

God always hears all your prayers. so, you should not be tired in praying because prayer is the best communication between you and God. You have to have holy flesh when you pray. Prayer can be the best key to a better life.