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Your AC Might Have DIfferent Temperature During Day And Night

The difference in AC temperature during the day and night is usually because the Btu room with Btu AC is too loose. So if at noon the outdoor temperature can be up to 37 or 38 degrees, the air conditioner that the Btu releases at most can only cool to room temperature 26 degrees or 27 degrees, while at night the outdoor temperature can be only 25 degrees, of course, if the temperature is remote made 23 degrees for example the temperature can be achieved can be even lower than that according to the way the non-inverter AC works that I have explained at length in the article how to use the correct AC. In the meantime, you can call cheap aircon servicing in singapore when your AC is broken.

The solution is to come back again, make sure the Btu AC is always bigger than the room needs, so when it's hot, the room temperature can still be quite cold.

However, when it is not cold both morning and night, it usually causes only the AC to get dirty. When was the last time the air conditioner was serviced or washed? Is your AC wind becoming small? or even just coming out of one side of the air? If this is the case, usually the air conditioner is unusually dirty until sometimes it leaks out of the water because the sewer is clogged because of so much dirty. It should be if you want the air conditioner to last, don't let this happen. The point is the air conditioner must always be cleaned MAXIMALLY 3 months and if you live in an area near the sea or there is someone who smokes in the room it is better to wash every 2 months.

But be careful, search for AC service. Do not want to be deceived by requesting refill freon or add freon. Remember! If the first installation of the air conditioner is correct, it should not need to fill the freon in a minimum of 4-5 years of use!

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